OverCat Startell

OverCat Startell Gives Back

OverCat Startell is proud to provide pro bono services for campaigns and brands that we truly believe in. From working with indigenous-owned, female led skincare brands to choreographers, the below provides a snapshot of various initiatives we have helped to bring to life.

Some of the companies that we have supported:

Kids Write Network, the award-winning, Montreal-based youth arts program, on their Rise for Mental Health Tour with Les Twins, the winner of World of Dance duo known for touring with Beyonce and Jay-Z. The tour is a first of its kind program that uses a 6-step, scientifically proven storytelling methodology, researched by McGill University. The program aims to increase confidence, self-esteem and improve the mental health of young adolescents.

Satya Organic Skin Care, a Vancouver-based, Indigenous-owned, female led skincare company on a mission to make natural, effective and steroid-free skin relief accessible for all.

IZ Adaptive, a Canadian fashion brand that’s mission is to create stylish and well-fitting clothes that are accessible to everyone. Founded in 2009 by Izzy Camilleri, one of Canada’s leading innovative and celebrated designers whose designs have been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes. Celebrities who have worn her designs include Angelina Jolie, Jason Momoa, Meryl Streep and Daniel Radcliffe. OverCat launched IZ Adaptive’s Game Changer Pant which helps prevent pressure sores, a serious issue affecting wheelchair users.

After Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip announced his diagnosis with terminal brain cancer, Izzy Camilleri decided to gather the remaining leather from his iconic suits, which she designed, and transformed them into 1,000 limited edition keychains. The keychains were sold on courageforgord.org to raise money for brain cancer research and sold out in 8 hours, raising over $26,000. Additional raffles, donations and online auctions increased this total to over $38,000. 

Dancer and choreographer Avinoam Silverman, to help debut his contemporary ballet titled “Waiting for the Fall” at the Fleck Dance Theatre.

Kits Beach Beer, launching this local craft beer for those who live in Kitsilano, British Columbia or wish they could.

OverCat Startell is committed to supporting two six-month pro bono campaigns each year. If you are interested in applying, please email  Mirissa Valenti, mv@overcat.com, and we will be in touch shortly.